Keren Ida Nathan

Keren Ida Nathan (Ida Wilde) is an artist based in Berlin, working often in Tel-Aviv. Writing and directing for stage and film. Dabbling in the discreet arts and aligning herself with certain outdated genres, such as operetta, lyric poetry, passion plays, plein-air painting and pamphleteering. Though her work is trans-disciplinary, it centers around storytelling and focuses on social morés, radical communality and femme/queer identity, which begins with her daily practice of historical female drag as Ida Wilde; Victorian salon hostess and muse. Most currently her work is ›The Valley of the Cross‹ a feature film in the making. ›The Swan Song‹, an original operetta in 4 Acts, created in communal effort with a growing group of artists based in Berlin. ›The Wildes – A Victorian Salon‹; book, slides, love-letters, songs and performance created with Henry Wilde (Antonia Baehr). ›A Day With Ida Wilde›´‹; plein-air painting performance workshop.