Mette Kit Jensen

Mette Kit Jensen, MA in Art theory and Communication, Royal Danish Art Academy, Denmark
Promotion study Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Hamburg, Germany. Professor Franz Erhard Walther and Bernhard Johannes Blume
Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Hamburg, Germany. Professor Henning Christiansen and KP Brehmer. Diploma by Professor Franz Erhard Walther
Recently my main interest has been researching the historical relationship between artist and public space. During my residency at the Danish Institute in Rome 2011 and my stay in Athens 2012 I studied different relationships surrounding the emergence of the big city/metropolis.

I have become interested in the term ”to flanere” as an artistic method. A fläneur is a loafer; a person who enjoys idling about on the street. A fläneur is an ambitious figure driven by curiosity and a desire to be close to reality. On the other hand in order to distance himself from the same reality a flaneur is flamboyant and carefully stages his behaviour. A flâneur was originally a man. I have decided to define the female flâneuse.

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