Dorsa Eidizadeh

Dorsa Eidizadeh is a trans-disciplinary artist, whose practice is revolving around community building, project-space initiation and care for its survival, and translation with a background in script writing. Dorsa is studying fine arts at the university of arts Bremen since 2017 with Andree Korpys and Markus Löffler and she has been active contributor to Cafe Lu, Radio Angrezi, Circa 106 online publication and From the A project space and etc.

Dorsa is dealing in her practice with the notion of language and silence in the face of massive propaganda machines, institutionalization and narrativization of the past, and she looks for ways. In which one could reclaim a voice both by the active refusal to speak and shouting ones demands upon their will and she focuses on transnational solidarity that unravels how different struggles intertwine

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