Sophia Seitz Rasmussen

Sophia Seitz Rasmussen is a visual artist. Her work focuses on discourses surrounding gender, emotion and economy. Her work looks critically at normative social structures, to identify the friction between what is intended and what is done. In her work, she uses multiple techniques such as etching, costume making and video to visualize poetic spaces. She considers her working process to be an aesthetic investigation of political situations–creating poetic, but active pieces that explore public tensions. In addition to her individual practice, Seitz Rasmussen often works collaboratively. She has worked in the artist collective, Det 4. Kontor (The 4th Office), with Bonnie Fortune, since 2011 and has recently begin collaborating with Lise Skou, with the group, Household. She maintains an active involvement with the politics of contemporary art through her work on the board of the Danish artist union, Young Artists and Art Intermediaries ( Seitz Rasmussen has been awarded several grants from the Danish Arts Council. Her work is shown internationally and is a part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Graphic Arts, Koenigsberg / Kaliningrad, Russia.

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