Christine Hanke

Assistant professor in European Media Studies at the Institute for Arts and Media at Potsdam University,
fields of research: science studies, scientific imaging, concepts of the analogue and the digital, film and new media.
Co-Editor of i.e. "Nach dem Film" (, Konkursbuch "Haut", "Überdreht. Spin Doctoring Politik, Medien", Dissertation "Zwischen Auflösung und Fixierung. Zur Konstitution von 'Rasse' und 'Geschlecht' in der physischen Anthropologie um 1900" at Trier University.

"After completing my studies of film and literature (FAU Erlangen, FU Berlin) I began to dedicate myself to the more cultural-scientific and science-historic field of physical anthropology around 1900 while working for a sociological research project at the University of Paderborn. I received a grant for attending the graduate’s college "Identity and difference. Gender construction and inter-culturality" at the University of Trier and will now commence to complete my Ph.D. thesis "Between Dissolution and Fixation. On the constitution of 'race' and 'gender' in the physical anthropology around 1900"where I analyze the medial effects of different anthropological procedures of identification.
In 1998 I co-founded the research forum "Nach dem Film" (after the film) and since then I have been working as editor and co-publisher for the internet magazine ( of the same name published in this context. My publications and editing work include works on feminist film theory, Judith Butlers’ deconstructivistic procedures, Foucault’s event-related discourse analysis, on screenings and visualizations of physical anthropology, on tears in cinema, on the event IMAX and on the topic skin (Konkursbuch 41 HAUT).
I live in Berlin and was participated in the conception and organization of the thealit - lab Kooky for 2004/2005."


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Überdreht. Spin doctoring, Politik, Medien (2004/2005)

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