Virtual Arbeitszimmer

"We present a convergence of our audiovisual mappings, a testimony of parallel accumulations of collapse [in Lebanon and Venezuela] that mediate between external and internal experiences. The exchange between Gabriela's audio part and Noëlle's video parts acts as a complement to each other's absence (for Gabriela a missing visual archive of Venezuela, for Noëlle an auditory lack in relation to Lebanon). We engage in tracing our past premonition [of respective emergency] after the fact.“

Video 30 Min 45 Sec, DE 2022 // Filmed by Sulme & Jae-Nder Fluid, Production by Sulme & Jae-Nder Fluid, Sound work by Sulme, Voice work by Sulme, Acting by Jae-Nder Fluid.

The video presents three modalities: reality, evasion and protection - in confrontation with a life in an exclusionary society and outside a protective bubble. For example, on the streets of Bremen at night: What does a particular make-up contribute to the clarification of these factual situations?