Virtual Arbeitszimmer

If you missed the presentation by Eva-Maria Aigner and Eva Jägle on the 'Catastrophic Glossary' at Arbeitszimmer thealit or would like to experience it again in a different way, you are now cordially invited to watch a video on two keywords from the Glossary - 'Catastrophe' and 'Disaster' - online in the thealit Virtual Arbeitszimmer. A flipbook with all the compiled entries of the Glossary from philosophy and literature can also be read there.

Eva Jägle is an artist working in the fields of applied arts, theatre and video. She studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and writes her dissertation at the department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna. In her research she focuses on the topic “Deleuze and Cinema”.

Eva-Maria Aigner is currently a Research Fellow of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and also works on her dissertation at the Department of Philosophy in Vienna. She writes about the concept of survival in deconstruction and within the works of Jacques Derrida and teaches in the fields of feminist ethics and class theories.


Sound art for current and future emergencies – with all the power of the placebo!

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