Gabriela Valdespino & Noelle BuAbbud

Gabriela Valdespino

photography, moving images, sound, and performance. She explores both body and space separately and together focusing on the relationship between social, and somatic, and how body, mind, and social settings are intricately linked. Speculative thinking about the future of the interaction of technology-humans and its role in performative context are the main subjects of her research.

Noëlle M. BuAbbud

Noelle M. BuAbbud artist and writer, US born of Lebanese origin, currently based in Bremen but altogether from elsewhere. Her work follows tangents and trails of the reverberations related to catastrophes. Tracing through archives or (other) imprints, the residual ‘waste’ and erasures serve as palimpsests for those events which shape a shifting material process. 

Mediations in an Emergency

Noelle BuAbbud and Gabriela Valdespino propose a collaborative exploration drawing back towards their experiences of emergency and collapse in Lebanon and Venezuela. "We observe the shifts in capitalist temporalities as disasters compounded and financial markets collapsed. In order to help us trace our sense development vis-a-vis emergency we will attempt to bridge our cultural experiences and creative backgrounds via research, writing, conducting somatic exercises, sound experimentations and visual collages."


14.01.23 - 7:30 pm

sentimos el futuro escapar (repetición de la caída libre)

حسينا بالمستقبل عم يتهاوى ( تكرارية السقوط الحر)

we sensed the future slip together (a repetition of freefall)

Gabriela Valdespino and Noëlle BuAbbud create Intermission B in The Art of Emergency at Arbeitszimmer thealit, St. Jürgen Str. 157/159, Bremen. There is no German title for this public part of a block seminar on January 14, 7:30 pm, but a Spanish/Arabic/English one.

Language of the seminar will be English, but—don't worry—translations back and forth between German, English, also Spanish and Arabic will be possible. If we put this title provisionally into automatic translation software, whirring overlays will result: "we feel the future escape (repetition of the free fall)we felt the future decrease (repeated free fall)we felt the future slipping together (a repetition of free fall)"Unless the results of such kind of translation are discarded as absurd, it seems to emerge that the title lines in three languages are not meant to articulate the same thing—as they alternate between present and past tense, that as well "future escapes" as a "future escape" is denoted, and it remains uncertain how "we" and "together" relate to such "future". Is a significant sliding into the abyss of meaning set in operation, in repetition of the free fall of the familiar real? Anyhow, Noelle BuAbbud and Gabriela Valdespino propose a collaborative exploration based on their experiences of emergency and collapse in Lebanon and Venezuela:

Photo: untitled, 2023 Noelle BuAbbud

"We observe the shifts in the capitalist era when disasters began to accumulate—like collapses of financial markets.To analyze and sharpen our sense-making in the face of emergency, we will seek to connect our cultural experiences and creative backgrounds through research, writing, somatic exercises, sound experiments and visual collages." Specifically, regarding the seminar in thealit workroom, "We present a convergence of our audiovisual mappings, a testimony of parallel accumulations of collapse that mediate between external and internal experiences. The exchange between Gabriela's audio part and Noëlle's video parts acts as a complement to each other's absence (for Gabriela a missing visual archive of Venezuela, for Noëlle an auditory lack in relation to Lebanon). We engage in tracing our past premonition after the fact."

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