We offer - as a conclusion of the series COAPPARATION, in its 3rd part- again one-month studio residencies in thealit’s Arbeitszimmer* to different female artists / groups.

  • Even presentations (lecture, exhibition, performance) and talks in the Arbeitszimmer space may be realized, but only if in compliance with the respective Covid-19 protection measures and regulations and always only with a small number of participants due to the small size of the room.


Open Studio

  • Thealit studio (St.-Jürgen-Str. 157/159, Bremen) will be open to the public. You are cordially invited to visit Alexandra Tatar and get to know her work from the time of her

  • The 3G-Rule apllies to access.
  • In the room you are kind request to waer a medical mask.


  • Wed. 27.10.2021 (13:00-18:00 h)
  • Thu. 28.10.2021 (13:00-17:00 h)
  • Fri. 29.10.2021 (13:00-20:00 h)

  • Fr 29.10. 18:00 Uhr
  • Video Screening
  • The film shows recorded interviews as well as the resulting material and documentation after the researches
  • Thu 28.10.2021 // 7 pm
  • Alexandra Tatar - Artist Talk:
  • Recollections of a cold war working body
  • or: "What is 'RASTPLATZ’?“, he asks in Romanian.

  • at Virtual Arbeitszimmer
  • or at our twitch channel

For the residency I will start working on the topic of Coapparition*, by recuperating a family history of ‘temporary’ migration to Germany. My grandfather was a ‘guest worker’ in FRG (West Germany) at the end of the 70s, mediated to a German company, by the communist Romanian state enterprise, where he was employed. Read more

In the frame of the residency, I will revisit and document the places where my grandfather worked. I will weld the resulting material together with the prerecorded interview and research into a video work. The first insights will be presented at the end of the residency in the frame of the artist talk.

  • Born in 1989 in Romania. Since 2011 lives and works in Vienna.
  • Studied with Francis Ruyter, Daniel Richter and Ashley Hans Scheirl at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and painting at the University of Art and Design Cluj Napoca, Romania.

Currently she is a doctoral candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, researching on the topic of post-soviet subjectivities. In her work, she deals with processes of becoming, expending onto objects and other non-human beings, seen as an extended geography of subjectivity. She is also interested in the landscape of ‘problematic subjectivities’, those forms of individuation where the complicity with a hegemonial regime can be questioned.