Cornelia Sollfrank

(Hamburg / Celle) is an artist whose central concerns are the changing role of the artist in the information age, new forms of dissemination of art, the gender-specific handling of technology and communication and networking as art. She was a member of the collectives Frauen-und-Technik and –Innen, and she initiated the Cyberfeminist alliance known as Old Boys Network. Her project Female Extension (1997) ( was a hack of the first competition initiated by museum, in which she flooded the museum’s network with submissions by 300 virtual female net artists. Her generator ( automatically produces art on demand. She published the readers First Cyberfeminist International (1988) and Next Cyberfeminist International (1999) ( Sollfrank is currently producing work on the subject of female hackers.


Related Lab(s): Technics of Cyber ‹ › Feminism. ‹mode=message› (2001)
Serialität: Reihen und Netze (1999)

Related Publication(s): Technics of Cyber ‹ › Feminism. ‹mode=message›
Serialität. Reihen und Netze - CDROM