Kunstler_innengruppe WORMS

WORMS Künstler_innengruppe is an artist collective that was from the very beginning on set in between fiction and social reality. Over the period of its existence it surfaces in a number of (artists') collectives, most of which do not have any conscious known that they are worms members. Furthermore some of these (artists') collectives are fictions such as the 'visceral realists' from Roberto Bolanos' The Savage Detectives or the group gathered around Oop, Ool, Oom, Boob, Baby Oo Oo within Ursula K. le Guins 'The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction'.

In particular, WORMS surfaced many collectives such as Rivolta femminile, Die Aktion, the Situationnists, an.schläge, Superstudio, Arbeitsrat für Kunst, Art&Language, Der Schritt Vorwärts from Bern in the 1930', Pelikangroup from the 2020`s or coexistent. Currently WORMS is sharing ideas, memories, knowledge, time, experiences, predictions, googledocs, dreams and many more resources with the firm intention to co-create counter knowledge based on a crosstemporal and transtemporal approach with The Art Commons, Center of inefficiency, bblackboxx, Corner College Collective, Expo2027, Raumfalterinnen and Kuckuckslabrador.

The public activities of WORMS encompass artistic forms of intervention, counter public, critic and education within the art-context, in distance to the art-context, public space, digital media and publications, in particular the publications of the publishing plattform hightime and in the overlappings fields of these contexts.

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