Vivian Hernández Ramírez

Vivian Hernández Ramírez is a new media artist who traverses questions that intertwine the non- human agency with decolonial concerns and yet understands that scientific research questions are key to establishing change and movement in ontological perception. She uses her skills in geographic data, processing and 3D Modelling to sharpen her senses in physical environments and installations, read from their history and learn about their fate, which is more often linked to the political action of humans.

She develops an interest on hydraulic bodies due to my current experience of living and studying (M.A. Digital Media) in a city that was once called a port and continues to be bifurcated by water (Bremen), and from my indelible memory of belonging to the other side of the Atlantic (Colombia). Reasons why she feels very motivated, moved and bifurcated by the changes that water undergoes and with it the relationship with its territory and communities.

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