Camilla Metelka, Ines Brost & Ruth Wulffen

  • Ruth Wulffen
  • (*1996 in Stuttgart, Germany) lives and works in zurich. Her
  • artistic work began with paintings, sculptural experiments and texts. The
  • starting point of her work today is the question of responsibilities, private
  • and globally,- “to be disconnected is the new freedom” and it ́s konsequences.
  • Also the question of fake reality plays part in her work.

  • @ruth.wrld

  • Ines Brost
  • (*1994 in Stuttgart, Germany) is studying fine arts at the Academy of
  • Fine Arts in Stuttgart. In her paintings the artist shows us insights into her
  • inner life. Personal experiences and conflicts are shown and how they are dealt
  • with. In the focus of each work is the artist herself.

  • Camilla Metelka
  • (*1994 in Berlin, Germany) studies Fine Arts at the Hochschule
  • für Künste Bremen.
  • Her background in music, theatre and dance influences her artistic practice. She
  • works with analogue photography, film, sculpture and sound in expanded space.

  • @donnabass.dupoint

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