Paule Potulski

The body as archive in relation to its environment, the land as archive in relation to our bodies, systemic constellations and cyclical processes.

Through her body based practice from dance and martial arts as well as the approach of the garden as a field of artistic practice, Paule Potulski develops works in various media and materials. She is currently engaged in installations of ceramics in dialogue with glass and metal. Creatures with unique characteristics and stories emerge, which come together in a specific situation, act as protagonists and can be read as a narrative by the visitors. Paule Potulski makes use of physical observations to draw a space for thought. Phenomena, conditions and consistencies become the starting point for poetic observations. They function like cartographies that set markers where orientation can take place.


how long is this time
                                 when they say
not having any more to lose?

between remaining in shock and shrugging ones shoulders lies dying

Paule Potulski will start The Art of Emergency with death

when something changes
there must be space for change
therefore she will
expand the exhale
let the air out
make herself empty
until the end
to open up space
for something

Art Residency #1
Paule Potulski
24.10 -17.11.2022

Sunday 30.10. & Thursday 03.11.
We play
The Werewolves of the Purple Forest*

The village wakes up, and someone is dead. Yes. An Emergency. The citizens council is called in - who did it? Who has to make atonement and burn on the stake? Will the werewolves manage to turn the village of Lilawald into a ghost town, or will the skillful and thoughtful actions of the citizens bring this force of nature back under control? And how will the lovers remain...…?

It will start the game on Sunday the 30.10. from 9 pm - with appropriate evening attireand on Thursday 03.11. from 7 pmat Arbeitszimmer thealit St. Jürgen Straße 157/159 in Bremen.the doors are open one hour beforehand.
Please register in advance at: kontak(at)
9-18 participants.

*The version "The Werewolves of the Purple Forest" was designed and printed by Katharina Dacrés and Lui Kohlmann.

Thursday 10.11. from 6-7 pm
Seed Planter

Paule Potulski invites the artist Vafa Aminikia „to a game of life and death“.

‚Seed Planter‘ is an interactive work, that for lack of a better word could be thought of as a machine or a game.Further details on the mechanism of the game/machine cannot be stated, since for the game/machine to function more profoundly each participant shall enter the circle with minimum ideas and presumptions about what will happen.

As a Storyteller with the help of visual and sonic mediums; with an ever shape- shifting manner and approach, Vafa Aminikia has centralized his practice on the pursuit of a general common ground; somewhere between the mysticality of the existential, social structures and their entanglement.

This on Thursday, 10.11. from 6-7 pm at Arbeitszimmer thealit St. Jürgen Straße 157/159 in Bremen.

The number of participants is limited.
Pre-registration is requested:kontakt(at)

Thursday 17.11. - 18-20 Uhr
End Residency

Paule Potulski invites to the end of her residency in the Arbeitszimmer thealit, in St. Jürgen Straße 157/159, Bremen".
I will simply be there and am happy about farewell visits. During this time, a small booklet of texts has now been created (or is in the process of being created), which I will leave in the study, for the artist following there. In addition, one of the werewolves games by Lui Kohlmann and Katharina Dacrés will be auctioned among the visitors. The proceeds will go in shares to the artists (10 euros) and everything above that will be donated to the Verein Sterbehilfe.

"The "booklet" in black and white, maybe with more black than white, will contain own short texts and literary quotations - about death. For Paule Potulski's working time during the residency started from the end, as she put it, "with death" and is not over with this retrograde beginning.

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