was started in February 2001 by an international network of womenassociated with the "Faces" mailing list. The project was conceived in a real life "Faces" meeting as a tool for examining the many different perpectives on new technologies and how they relate to our lives. The collaboratin itself is part of an ongoing research into how working together on-line can define and be defined by the technology.
As a real life extension of xxero we organized social areas, workshops and parties at different media festivals in 2001 / 2002 to meet in person, to introduce the MOO-program and share our skills with others interested as well. The MOO-space then worked as a virtual extension for the women who could not be present physically. Under this focus of research, learning and understanding, xxero is growing due to the network of its inhabitants. After the initial interest of many ifferent women in the beginning, the core builders became: Diana McCarty, (USA / DE); Florence Ormezzano, (F); Ushi Reiter, (A); Kerstin Weiberg, (DE); Anja Westerfroelke, (A); _ xxero BIOS_ - a few of the many.


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