Pink Punk

Sandra Jõgeva, Kristin Kalamees, Margus Tamm are
working together since 2003. Pink Punk is dealing with social issues and woman`s role in society, but doing that, is using tactical softness and ultra-feminine visual image.

Exhibitions and Performances:
2003: "Fair Deal", Cleveland Performance Art Festival, Cleveland, Ohio; "Fair Deal", stART: Breaking News, Judson Memorial Church, New York; Performance "Leave Home", Postsovkhoz, Mooste, Estonia; Performance "Black Sabbath", Kanuti Gild, Tallinn, Estonia; Media project "Hot Art Chat Line" in Estonia;
2004: Group exhibition of Estonian art "Alle gegen Alles" and performance "I could be your mother!", Gallery of the Art Academy, Berlin; Performance "Fair Deal", Berlin; "I could be your mother!" and "Fair Deal", Version04, Chicago; "Fair Deal", at the opening of the exhibition "Faster than History" , Kiasma Museum, Helsinki.
2005: "Sleeping Beauties", Elavad Skulptuurid, Tallin; "Give the Hate a Chance”, Budapest; Guestbook of the Heart, Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Island; "Fashion”, Polymer, Tallinn;
2006: "Live Fast, Die Old", Graafika.

Related Lab(s): Überdreht. Spin doctoring, Politik, Medien (2004/2005)