Elizaveta Kovalenko

Elizaveta Kovalenko is an interdisciplinary artist and translator. Her process involves upending modes of production and disassembling structures within academic and cultural institutions through emancipating tools, shapes, ideas from their epistemological, technological and representative hierarchies. Through her sculptures and installations, Kovalenko creates spaces where configurations of understanding and the relationships between materials manifest an uncanny reality by remaining suspended between translations. Kovalenko’s background in linguistics offers insight into the way her working process (re/dis) assembles conventions in power and knowledge. Integral to her practice are the collective projects she is involved in. These projects include „Julias Ida Green“, „Radio Angrezi“, online platform „Feminist Translocalities“ and currently, the project space „From the A“. These collectives provide accessible space for critical reflection and diverse working practices.

Related Lab(s): The Art of Emergency (2022-2024)