Ariane Litmeyer

Ariane Litmeyer was born in Jever in 1988 and graduated her studies in design and fine art at Hochschule für Künste Bremen. In 2021 she completed her master's degree with Andree Korpys and Markus Löffler.

Her works are conceptual and interdisciplinary. She works with diverse forms of media whereat the form follows the subject of a work and guides the artistic implementation. Political and social issues - such as the impact of constructed and established power structures on social contexts and subjects - are her main interests. They can be seen through all of her work.

Collective interactions are an essential part of her artistic work. Since 2016 Ariane Litmeyer is working together with the artist Anna-Lena Völker. The artist duo uses different materials and forms of media in their installations. They understand their practice as a focused exploration of contemporaneity. Thereby they draw on post-structural thinking in their analysis. This can also be seen in their artistic statement: “It is the interplay of weight and weightlessness, which we concern ourselves with—that out of every formed entity, a contradiction seems to develop, that the pattern of our actions reflects the pattern of a fly, which then reminds one of a wasp. In an apparent specious authenticity, which is ‘not the same’, ‘but quite’, we create waiting rooms and wait ourselves.”

Ariane Litmeyer is also part of the artist collective ELAF.

Since 2019 she is working together with Jan Charzinski on the history of the city Jever based on the biography of Fritz Levy.

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