Ursula Biemann

works as an artist and curator, focussing on the topics migration, mobility, technology and gender.
In a series of video essays and books

"Been there and back to nowhere" (2000),
"Geografie und die Politik der Mobilität" (2003, transl. "Geography and the politics of mobility"),
"Stuff it – the video essay in the digital age" (2003),
"B-Zone" (2005);
"The Maghreb Connection" (2006) -
she examines the gender dimension of migration work: from smuggling at the Spanish-Moroccan border to the global sex industry.
Her experimental videos are shown on international art exhibitions and festivals and are addressed to different audiences within and without the context of art.
Biemann represents a research-oriented art practice in projects like the "Black Sea Files" about the Caspian oil geography (Berlin 2005) and "The Maghreb Connection" about mobility systems in North Africa (Kairo 2006). The most recent video essay “X-Mission” (2008) is an analysis of the Palestinian refugees camps as a zone of exception.
She teaches at the art college in Geneva and does research at the institute for theory at HGK Zurich.

Weblink: www.geobodies.org

Related Lab(s): Trans-European Lab: do not exist: europe, woman, digital medium. (2006/2007)

Related Publication(s): do not exist: europe, woman, digital medium