Susanne Bauer

  • 2012- present: Junior professor, Sociology of Knowledge, Faculty of Social Sciences, Goethe University Frankfurt
  • 2011 Visiting professor (fall semester), History and Philosophy of Science Center / Collisn Living-Learning Center, Indiana University, Bloomington USA

2009-2011 research scholar at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

Having moved to science studies from a background of environmental science and epidemiology, my research fields include the history of recent biomedicine, epidemiology, risk assessment practices and environmental health. In particular, I have been interested in research collections and archives, including databases and biobanks, in the practices of data organization, mining and processing and in scientific visualizations and imaging. My current research is on Soviet and post-Soviet biomedical studies of radiation exposures, 1970 to present. Before joining this project, I have worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen (2005-2009) and at the Department for European Ethnology, Humboldt University Berlin (2007-2009). From 1997 up to my PhD in 2004 (Dr Public Health, University of Bielefeld), I was involved in radiation epidemiology projects in the former Soviet Union.

Research areas: Contemporary history of epidemiology, science and technology studies (STS), Epidemiologic databases and visualisations, environmental epidemiology and risk assessment.



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Trans-European Lab: do not exist: europe, woman, digital medium. (2006/2007)
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Related Publication(s): Prototypisieren. Eine Messe für Theorie und Kunst
do not exist: europe, woman, digital medium
Überdreht. Spin doctoring, Politik, Medien