Sigrid Adorf

Sigrid Adorf is an art historian who writes, teaches and researches about (Media-) female artists of the 20th Century, representation theory and criticism, gender constructions, Image and Media theory. Associate Researcher in the Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts (ICS) in the Zürcher School of Arts (ZHdK). Studied Fine Arts, Art Pedagogy and Biology in Marburg and Bremen. Conducted her state exam in the university of Bremen (1998) with a work on the photographic self-dramatization of Claude Cahuns . She directed the conception and making of a digital library of the works of VALIE EXPORT/Vienna. From 2000 until 2003 she participated as a Research Fellow at the Center for Feminist Studies at the University of Bremen in the frame of a interdisciplinary group of female researchers with the topic "The Construction of Body and Gender".

She conceived and organized numerous interdisciplinary events, for instance, the symposium "Im (Be)Griff des Bildes 1-3 for the Art house of Bremen together with Dorothee Richter and Kathrin Heinz (published as a catalogue from FrauenKunstWissenschaft, Booklet 35 / July 2003) and the conference "Is it now? Present in the Arts" together with Sigrid Schade, Sabine Gebhardt and Steffen Schmidt for the ICS in the context of ZHdK Festival of Arts 2006. She curated the Exhibition project METANOMIE in de State Gallery of Bremen 2006 together with Mona Schieren for the Female Artists Association Bremen. Since 2005 she is a redaction member of FKW Magazine for Gender Research and Visual Culture (Jonas, Marburg.) Her PhD Thesis "OPERATION VIDEO. Eine Technik des Nahsehens und ihr spezifisches Subjekt: die Videokünstlerin der 1970er Jahre" has been published as a transcript (Bielefeld, 2007) in the jornal "Studien zur Visuellen Kultur" ed. by Sigrid Schade und Silke Wenk.


Related Lab(s): Überdreht. Spin doctoring, Politik, Medien (2004/2005)
Virtual Minds. Congress of Fictitious Figures (2004)

Related Publication(s): Überdreht. Spin doctoring, Politik, Medien
Virtual Minds. Congress of Fictitious Figures