Manuela Unverdorben

1988-1993 Studies of Ethology and Roman languages at the Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität Munich with longer stays in Spain, Portugal (scholarship for the Facultade de Letras, Lisbon), Argentina and Brazil. Studies at the Academy of Graphic Arts in Munich, for instance with Prof. Res Ingold, diploma with Klaus vom Bruch;
2000-2002 studio support of the provincial capital Munich;
2002-2004 scholarship of the Heinrich Böll foundation;
2002/3 guest stay at ISH/Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities Ljubljana/Slovenia;
2003 AiR_port 03, Artist in Residence, Forum Stadtpark Graz; winner of the competition "Liberal art in the public space" in Munich;
2004 Visiting Fellow of the Institute for Comparative Culture/Sophia University in Tokyo/Japan;
2006 IASPIS Artist in Residence program in Stockholm/Sweden.


Related Lab(s): Trans-European Lab: do not exist: europe, woman, digital medium. (2006/2007)