Janine Sack

is a visual artist based in Berlin. She graduated in Visual Communication at the HfbK in Hamburg (1998) and completed postgraduate studies at the Royal Art College in Stockholm (2002). Her mainly time-based art investigates clichés of representation and analyses notions of identity in terms of their social construction and media representation. Along with her individual artist production Janine Sack has been engaged in the women’s collectives frauen-und-technik (1992 - 1993) and –Innen (1993 - 97). She is part of the 2004 Goldrausch-Künstlerinnen artIT program.

E-Mail: kontakt@janinesack.de
Weblink: http://www.goldrausch-kuenstlerinnen.de

Related Lab(s): Virtual Minds. Congress of Fictitious Figures (2004)

Related Publication(s): Virtual Minds. Congress of Fictitious Figures