Janice Perry

Janice Perry has been described as "a cross between Doris Day and a high velocity rifle" (London), a "Masterpiece", (Cologne) and "Bizarre and Brainy" (New York). And she's funny.

Perry has toured Europe, England and the United States since 1982. She is a Fulbright Scholar (2004-2005) and has been a Fulbright Senior Specialist in Performance since 2001.

She works in the kabarett tradition, seeking out both the highest and the lowest cross-cultural common denominators, asking audiences to think while they laugh. Satirical, theatrical, critical and comedic analyses of global social, political and personal affairs - from ancient Greece to contemporary America - are couched in text, costume and physical theater.
Janice encourages students to transform personal experience into creative work to address wider social concerns. Her performance workshops and creative writing seminars are tailored to each academic or cultural institution, with goals and themes targeted to enrich students' understanding of themselves and their role in the larger social fabric. Perry's techniques develop and strengthen individual voice, encourage creative risk-taking and increase public speaking skills.
Recent teaching includes residencies at Middlebury College, Goethe University and University of Wuerzburg, Germany, University of Port Elizabeth/New Brighton Township, South Africa, UVM, Lost Nation Conservatory, and high schools in VT, NH, the UK and Europe.

Perry also gives workshops for teachers on creative techniques to integrate the arts into the classroom.

Weblink: www.janiceperry.com

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