Doro Wiese

MA, a PhD candidate and a Marie Curie fellow at Department of Gender Studies, Research Institute for History and Culture, Utrecht University.

Research Project:
By applying "the powers of the false" - a new mode of expression that "replaces and supersedes the form of the true" (TI 127) - cultural producers grasp the forces of fabulation to create utterances that can be taken up. Thus, the project discusses how a number of contemporary texts - ranging from novels, comics to films - question the legitimised versions of events and attack their claims to represent the truth. Not all of these books/films/comics are told from a feminist or gender-consciousness perspective. Nevertheless the construction of gender is always an important issue, intersecting with differences produced by racisms, class-isms, anti-semitisms, body-isms, ageisms, or homophobia(e). The frame of these analysis' is a discussion of Deleuze|Guattari's theory itself. While on the one hand Wiese seeks to show in what ways they relate to or are contradicted by post-colonial/queer/feminist thoughts, on the other hand she scrutinizes their theory with the help of the reading-results. Thereby Wiese carves out which possibilities are given in Deleuze|Guattari's thought-production to speak about traumatic events in which sadness, mourning, and disillusion are certainly asked for.


Related Lab(s): Überdreht. Spin doctoring, Politik, Medien (2004/2005)