Ana Patiño

Ana Patiño is a multi-disciplinary artist, born in Colombia and currently works and lives in Germany. She studied fine arts in Bogotá and completed a master’s degree in digital media at the HFK Bremen.

She structures her work by using the subtle humor that is produced by the idea of fiction and reality. By being a spectator of her own internal processes and the relationships within the neoliberal system she questions verticality and objectivity in relation with mental health and emotions.

Reality and fiction often change their shape and stand in mutual tension. These partly parallel, partly overlapping, fine ridges are guidelines of her artistic process. Her method is like a rhizome - growing and dividing horizontally. It determines the course of her work. She resorts to the medium of video, which allows her to manipulate time.

Let's talk about FEAR

Paralyzing fear

                               The fear that pulls your feet under the bed
The fear to which you must listen to it very carefully                            
                              The fear that leads to action 

The intermittent presence that we share                                     

                                   The fear that allows us to recognize and see ourselves in others

The current situation of multiple crisis and emergencies are difficult to bear. Due to them the uncertainty of individual existence appears intensified on the surface. 

The workshop idea is to use the emotion of Fear as a theme, experiment with it and deconstruct it in a symbolic way. By giving it a form, presence and evidence appear. It is not about of not being afraid, it is about to engage it in the conversation and perhaps playing with it.

Fear is a fundamental part of the feelings that many of us share sometimes secretly. To face them collectives and social networks might be a key

Fear has the ability to makes us run away or give us the strength to help someone in danger. It is indispensable to our existence and in times of crisis and emergencies it is best not to take fear for granted.

Intermission C
Let's talk about Fear
Ana Patiño

Workshop 10.-12.02.
Exhibition 12.02.

Ana Patiño creates from Friday, February 10 to Sunday, February 12 the Intermission C of the program THE ART OF EMERGENCY in the Arbeitszimmer thealit, St. Jürgen Str. 157/159 in Bremen with a workshop on fear. "Let's talk about fear" she writes, as if it were about "Let's talk about sex, baby ..." and that's possibly what it's about, too, if you risk a close look at the words that form a kind of motto of the workshop:
"Paralyzing fear
The fear that pulls your feet under the bed
The fear to which you must listen to it very carefully
The fear that leads to actionThe intermittent presence that we share
The fear that allows us to recognize and see ourselves in others"

The workshop invites to the development of collages, drawings and texts, based on your own confrontations with the question of threatening, or life-saving or pioneering fear. How this will be done will be discussed among the participants.
Registration is requested, the workshop has a limited number of participants.
REGISTRATION and further information under: anakparra(at)

Those who do not participate in the workshop, but are curious and want to approach "Fear", can pass by the windows of Arbeitszimmer thealit during Sunday, February 12, and see an exhibition of visual creations from the preceding days of the workshop.

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