Youngji Cho & Katja Striedelmeyer

Youngji Cho

Youngji Cho (@ozzoozzoozzo) is a transdisciplinary media artist and researcher based in South Korea and Germany. Her work addresses the themes of circulation and harmony between art and technology, living and non-living beings, and nature and non-nature. She has a particular interest in the power dynamics in-between any (in)sensible beings, which touches upon her South Korean roots, especially focusing on the traumas in Korean bodies with the history of colonization and division, and as an East-Asian woman living in the West, how these affect her daily life with (micro-)aggressions and discriminations. She exhibited her artworks at Sonic Acts, V2_ lab for unstable media, Nederland film festival, Waterlight festival, and other venues in South Korea, Italy, and the Netherlands. For the recent two years, she taught digital transformation design, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), and creative coding at Amsterdam University of Applied Science

Katja Striedelmeyer

Katja Striedelmeyer (@_ka___st_) is interested in processes in the field of ecologies and technologies with a focus on the relations between humans and non-humans affected by the Anthropocene. Her work focuses on the concept of connectivity not only through data or materiality, but also through kinship and caring. Next to creating media art installations, her artistic practice is characterised by creating opportunities for knowledge sharing and empowerment through workshop facilitation with a queer and feminist approach. She exhibited her works in Bremen and held workshops in Hannover, Oldenburg and the latest at dreizehngrad and circa106 in Bremen. She is based in Oldenburg and Bremen in Germany.

Echoing the Temporary Togetherness

Workshop + Exhibition

Sharing time and space with other beings is precious. The experience of it can become along-lasting memory, even though the amount of shared time and space is limited. Memoriesremain with us, which shaped the past, and shape the present, and the future. Sharing thesememories with others is a way of creating a connection to the past, but more importantly, tothe present and the future together.

During the workshop, the participants are invited to create individual shapes of remembrance in the form of stamps. Along with that, they arei nvited to share their stories and to discuss what potential sharing stories has, for example, as a form of support.

The created imprints with conductive ink will be used for a collectivecircuit installation in Arbeitszimmer thealit, to turn on a light that reflects the shared memories.

October, 29th 2023
13:00-17:00 H

There will be an exhibition of the workshop result on Sunday, October 29th 2023,13:00-17:00, both Youngji Cho and Katja Striedelmeyer will be present.

Arbeitszimmer thealit
St. Jürgen St. 157/159, Bremen.

October, 28th 2023

The workshop will be on Saturday, October 28th 2023, 14:00-18:00 (Door Open from 13:30) in Arbeitszimmer thealit, St. Jürgen St. 157/159, Bremen.

If you’d like to participate in the workshop, please send an email for your registration to: by Thursday, October 26th 2023 latest. As we havelimited spots available for participation, your registration is necessary. Registration is free

English is the main language, with German translation on request. 

Foto: Hsun Hsiang Hsu @piebeehsu