M. Pelin Sen a.k.a. HYP3RV161L4N7

M. Pelin Sen a.k.a. HYP3RV161L4N7 is a queer, neuro-divergent emerging artist, researcher, designer and photographer currently based and working in Bremen, Germany. With a background in biology, literature, and design. They are currently pursuing a Master's degree in Digital Media at Hochschule für Künste Bremen.
Their works and research being a dynamic exploration of new media technologies intersecting with the analog, through installations and audio-visual compositions. Rooted in posthuman and queer theories, they challenge conventional notions of identity, existence, and difference.
Their ideas want to come to life as a dance between matter and meaning, inviting audiences to question the boundaries of reality and perception. They traverse the uncharted territories of consciousness and materiality, aiming to dismantle the established paradigms


The concept of "Hypervigilance" serves as a lens to explore heightened alertness, constant monitoring, and the emotional toll that prolonged states of emergency can have on individuals and communities. 

I want to initiate a short journey to build an optical installation that explores this very concept of hypervigilance through a dynamic interplay of multiple lenses. These lenses, in constant motion, distort the images projected through them, symbolizing the vigilant eyes of the observer. As the lenses rotate and shift along their axis, they metaphorically stretch and reshape reality, offering a thought-provoking commentary on how heightened vigilance can alter one's perception of the world, reading into situations with a unique lens that transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary.

October, 21 - 7 pm
Installation and discussion on "hyper-vigilance"

At the end of their residency in the context of The Art of Emergency, M. Pelin Sen cordially invites you to Arbeitszimmer thealit, St.-Jürgen-Straße 157/159, Bremen.
It goes to the topic hyper-vigilance with an optical-electronic-mechanical installation and a common discussion about it. It starts tomorrow, Saturday, October 21, at 19:00. Who knows, maybe the conversation also revolves around the watchful eyes of insects?