Müge Pelin Sen a.k.a. HYP3RV161L4N7

Müge Pelin Sen a.k.a. HYP3RV161L4N7 is a queer emerging artist and researcher currently based in Bremen, Germany. With a background in biology, literature, and design. They are currently pursuing a Master's degree in Digital Media at Hochschule für Künste Bremen.

Their research is rooted in posthuman and queer theories, challenging traditional notions of identity and existence. Their art also explores mystical themes, the mysteries of life, and altered states of consciousness as well as sensory and material research. They aim to create experiences through new media installations, experimental sound design, glitch art, and audiovisual compositions. In addition to these, they specialise in experimental insect and microcosm photography, to reveal the natural world’s often overlooked, hidden intricacies and to familiarise ourselves further with the unknown.



Forschung, Präsentation

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