Elizaveta Kovalenko

Elizaveta Kovalenko is an interdisciplinary artist, organizer and translator. Her process involves upending modes of production and disassembling knowledge-making structures through emancipating tools, words, shapes from their epistemological and semantic presuppositions. Through her sculptures and installations, Kovalenko creates spaces where configurations of understanding and the relationships between materials manifest an uncanny reality by remaining suspended between translations. Integral to her practice are the collective projects she is involved in. She is a co-founder of Julias Ida Green, from the A, in:halt. All located in the city of Bremen, these initiatives are dedicated to the exchange and collaboration between young local artists.

Temporal mandibular Join

During the residency, Kovalenko will further develop her project „Temporal mandibular Join“ (2022) — a condition for sculptural and linguistic reattachments to language and its underlying assumptions.

By narrating the story of the disordered jaw-joints, integral to speech making, she is interested in the shift as such beyond the paradigm of order/disorder and the uncanny intention to heal attached to it (what kind of order is returned if healed?).
Looking carefully at forms and movements inherent to languaging, the shift can be a key foundation for the emergence of a new linguistic framework. To capture and delve into these transitions, she combines sculptural and textual techniques and materials such as wax, clay and paper

Throughout her period at thealit, she plans to build the temporal studio, a vital criteria for the project's continuation. The working space will be complemented by sketches, stories, and humor collected throughout the year, all touching on "broken" language with no hope of repair.