Ariane Litmeyer

Other work (selection)

The Urinella which enables women to urinate while standing forms an ambivalence between undesirable imitation of male gestures and female empowerment and remains undecided in between. The oversized Urinella thereby questions the actual superiority of men and raises the question of what modern feminism can look like in a patriarchal world.

Urinella, bronze , 2016
no title, no. 162/226, 2019
180 Tage, 226 drawings, archive, 2019
the role of sports in times of climate change, in collaboration with Anna-Lena Völker, 2020

„The created environment evokes a sharpened artificiality, which simultaneously reproduces and exposes the fiction of the promise to which the work makes reference. Within this tension between confirmation and negation, the fading away of the world becomes all the clearer, reminding one of their reality.“ Alejandro Perdomo Daniels

Märzgespräche Leave a comment, ELAF, 2018
Driving home for Christmas, ELAF, 2018
FritZine, in collaboration with Jan Charzinski, 2022

The project is an examination of the biography of the so-called "last Jew of Jever" - Friedrich "Fritz" Levy - and thus also a preoccupation with jewish and urban history of the city. Therefore it also deals with the complex of the Nazi and post-war period, the „second trauma“ and culture of remembrance. The project opens the dialogue around the person Fritz Levy and his symbolic power and opens the question of an appropriate commemoration. It is to be understood as a call to keep the former "living memorial" Fritz Levy alive. The central points for this discussion have been the temporary occupation of a house on the central church square in Jever, the website* and the FritZine (84 pages) which has been distributed to schools, politics and retirement homes. The zine was also available in shops in Jever and is freely available in digital form on the website.

Girls spreed your legs, bronze, 2018
Do you like me like that?, bronze, 2016
Granada I, in collaboration with Anna-Lena Völker, 2019
Granada II, in collaboration with Anna-Lena Völker, 2019