Vicc Repasi

Weitere Arbeiten (Auswahl)

Video 2:51 min.


online performance 2021

Escribing past experiences, I accidentally wrote a score for a performance.

Video, 02:51 min.

Was hier geschieht?
(What is occurring here)

sound piece 2018

This is a sound collage I compiled in response to hearing Orbán Viktor, the prime minister of Hungary, uttering hostile words during a break in a meeting focusing on migration, security and defense policies, held by the European Council. All sounds included were found on the internet.

Was hier geschieht?
(What is occurring here) Part two

sound piece 2021

The first sound collage in this diptych acquired a different meaning after the covid-19 pandemic, and I felt a continuation was appropriate to address this. The second piece is also underscored by the track “Hopelessness” by Anohni, a song which (unfortunately) seems to be ever relevant.

Piano dynamics
sound performance (excerpt) 2020

As part of group aponi, I wrote a score for a former piano. The piece is a play on and with words that emphasizes power dynamics through dynamics in music notation. Performed by Laura Bleck, Arash Qilich, Suyeon Kim, Behshad Tajammol, Julija Paškevičiūtė and myself. The recording serves as a documentation from a live performance and should not be considered a sound piece by itself.

Photo by Jiye Lee

Foley stories: Viccxplicit Vafabulations
sound design (excerpt) 2019

Foley stories: Viccxplicit Vafabulations is an ongoing series in collaboration with Vafa Aminikia. I am designing the soundscapes, giving nothing more than a few key words to indicate direction, and Vafa later translates the sonic story intowritten narration.

The recording is from a live performance of Episode 1 broadcasted on Radio Angrezi and should not be considered a sound piece by itself. Excerpt from a 25 minutes long performance.

Photo by Pablo Somonte Ruano

Surplus loop
sound performance (excerpt) 2018

I placed a microphone near an amplifier and, using coins, played the resulting audio feedback as an instrument. The rapid accumulation and acceleration of sonic frequencies is used as a metaphor for the fixation with economic growth. Excerpt from an approximately 20 minutes long performance.

Photo by Jiye Lee

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