Aisel & Frederike Nikotina Gordillo


Born in 2003 with Tatar roots, Aisel, navigates the artistic spectrum with an interest in tangible expressions. Her works, infused with absurdist elements, encourage viewers to engage and look beyond first impressions. In this artistic journey, she contemplates the events and nuances of our dynamic world, subtly weaving them into her creations without imposing a singular narrative, allowing space for diverse interpretations.

Frederike Nikotina Gordillo

Frederike Nikotina Gordillo is a transdisciplinary artist born in 2002 in Puebla Mexico. Their Research revolves around the interconnections and dogmas inside of Art. Obsessed with the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, Frederike Aims to use Conceptual Trash, a form of contemporary Kitsch, as a medium for philosophical and theoretical Debate to further the advancements in Art.


I fold this last corner,  thinking of you and all of us. I have folded a box. 

When I pick up the Box, emergency is the Box, and I am, the hand on which it rests , the hope.

Pandoras choice and my action are different in the consequences of two but one in the result of the next, we carry and reveal hope, one standing the other acting. How does it go on?
If it wouldn’t, we would have been consumed. go on? If it wouldn’t, we would have been consumed. 

In the engraving "Epimetheus opening Pandora's Box" by Giulio Bonasone, we witness the imagination of a 16th-century artist reinterpreting the tragic tale wherein humanity is plagued by emergencies. Similarly, five centuries later, two artists in their studio reimagine his work, transforming Epimetheus i
nto a feminine androgynous figure of the 21st century.

This reinterpretation serves as both a reminder and a starting point for a discussion about one of the most elusive feelings of our times: Spes, the last entity to escape the jar and the human embodiment of Hope.

Hope often feels elusive, perhaps even cringe-worthy, given the overwhelming global crises we face. Its symbolism has largely been reduced to portrayals of individuals waiting with wide, expectant eyes. Yet upon closer reflection, hope is not a passive emotion; it's the driving force behind any action. We would argue that without Hope, there is no impetus to act.

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