Maria Arzt

Maria Arzt is an artist with a background in care-work and social science. S[he is studying Fine Arts at HfK Bremen since October 2020. 

A goal of t[her artistic practise is sketching new fields of action, togetherness and imaginaries through tracing their current barriers and layers, examining their permeability by touch.

For this s[he is employing installation, sculpture, writing, sound and video in engaging with representability and materiality, subjectivation and culture production as well as dis-placements and signs.  

Since March 2022 s[he is co-organizing the international, student-run project space “Circa 106” and is involved in volunteer and activist spaces in Bremen. Emancipatory cultural work is part of the artistic practise s[he is aiming to build, understanding t[her art-works to be part of a politics of culture. 

Related Lab(s): The Art of Emergency (2022-2024)