Lilian von Haussen

Born in 1971. Studied the recorder and early music with Han Tol in Bremen, recital diploma with Kees Boeke in Trossingen, as well as the art of movement at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri/Tessin.

She did work in the areas of early music, free improvisation, electronic music, composition, performance, film, theatre, dance theatre, radio play and liberal art. Instruments involved in her work are historic and modern recorders as well as a self-developed E-Recorder and live electronic music, but also the piano, drums, self-made sound objects and body drumming.

Curatorship in the series electronic music – REM – rapid ear movement. Member of the projektgruppe neue musik bremen (project group new music Bremen).

Related Lab(s): Trans-European Lab: do not exist: europe, woman, digital medium. (2006/2007)