Diane Ludin presented her ongoing hybrid netcast and real-time performance project entitled "idrunners: re_flesh the body." Commissioned for the Franklin Furnace's "Future of the Present 2000" series, idrunners is collaboration between Ludin, Francesca DiRimini (Adelaide, Australia) and Agnese Trocchi (Rome, Italy).

Via submitted and streaming text, images, audio and video, each artist creates what Ludin refers to as "lo-fi" avatars; "Efemera" (Ludin), "Discordia" (Trocchi), and "Liquid Nation" (Da Rimini) generate the project's content through the forwarding of content and in the process, translate these characters through a series of performances.

The resulting website, generates a "Metrophage" and is produced by Ludin as the compendium of this ongoing project that focuses on "the ways in which various media/informatic/industrial realms are dominantly female."


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