Diane Ludin

1993 State University of New York at Purchase: B.F.A. Drawing
2000 School of Visual Arts: New York City: M.F.A. Computer Art

Projects and Exhibitions
"i-BPE i-Biology Patent Engine" - "Kingdom of Piracy" Website commissioned for Online Group show at Acer Digital Art Center, Taiwan, Thailand
"Gender, Genes & Biography" Performance and presentations of recent projects at ESC, Graz, Austria
"idrunners: re_flesh the body" - "Cyberfem Spirit -The Spirit of Data" Group show at The Edith Russ Site for Media Art, Oldneburg, Germany
"Harvesting the Net :: MemoryFlesh" - "seARchT engines and des (in) formation" Group show of netart for Video Festival, Navarra, Spain
"Amnesia Interrupted" - "Rhizome Remix & Franklin Furnace's 25th Anniversary" Recyled media performance, Brooklyn, NY
"Somatic Architecture Index" - "Cloned Media" Group show of media works at ESC, Graz, Austria
"Harvesting the Net :: MemoryFlesh" - "Tech Flesh" - CTheory Multimedia Group show and archive at Cornell University, Ithica, NY
"I-Biology" - "Net.Ephemera" Group show of sketches from internet-based projects - Moving Image Gallery, NYC & UK
"Harvesting the Net :: MemoryFlesh" - Walker Art Center, Website commissioned for the Walker Art Center's Gallery 9 collection - Minneapolis
"idrunners: re_flesh the body" - "Double Life" Group Show of netart for The Generali Foundation, Vienna, Austria
"idrunners: re_flesh the body" - "Body as Byte", Website included in The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Luzerne, Switzerland
"Three Operating Somatic Systems" - "Maids in Cyberspace" Festival Hybrid on and offline performance installation, Montreal, Canada
"Data Mirror: Touchable Video" - "Technically Engaged", Group show at A.I.R. Gallery, Manhattan, NY

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"Genetic, Evolutionary, and Organic Art"
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"Identity_Runners: Re_Fleshing the Body"
Cyberfem Spirit-Spirit of Data, Exhibition Catalog, (The Edith Russ Site for Media Art) edited and organized by Helene von Oldenburg and Rosanne Altstatt.
"SeARchT Engines: De(sin)formacion"
Festival de Creacion Audiovisual de Navarra, Exhibition Catalog, (Department of Education and Culture, Navarra, Spain) edited and organized by Lourdes Cilleruelo.
"Website Reviews"
N.Paradoxa International Feminist Art Journal - Economies/Exchanges
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"Connective Identities" by Yvonne Volkart
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"Sowing the Web with Diane Ludin: Fine Art Takes Root on the Internet"
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"Interview with Diane Ludin" by Rachel Green
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