Christoph Tempel

lives and works in Berlin as a free lance architectural critic. He is writing for German architectural reviews Bauwelt, Baumeister, deutsche Bauzeitung, for Bund Deutscher Baumeister, Architekten und Ingenieure (BDB) and for the Berlin Chamber of Architects.
He organises art exhibitions and worked together with Christine Kriegerowski as author of Gated Community.
2006 preparation work for the NGBK exposition "Achtung Sprengarbeiten!” (Caution Blasting Operations! About the explosive force of words, images and actions). Exposition will take place in October 2007.
2005 Gated Community (Umzäunte Gemeinschaft)
2005 three month of research in Montevideo, Uruguay, about architecture of the Rio de la Plata region and the cities Montevideo, Colónia, Buenos Aires and La Plata.
2004 fast um$onst. NGBK exposition, march 13 to april 24. Together with Tina Marie Friedrich, Christine Kriegerowski, Claudia Tribín, Haytham el Wardany.

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