Audrone Zukauskaite

is a graduate of Vilnius University.

Recent positions:
senior researcher in Culture, Philosophy, and Arts Research Institute, Vilnius;
lecturer in Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts.

Research interests:
contemporary philosophy, psychoanalysis, gender studies, visual studies.

Author of the books 'Beyond the Signifier Principle: deconstruction, psychoanalysis, critique of ideology' (Aidai 2001); 'Anamorphoses: Non-Fundamental Problems of Philosophy' (Versus aureus, 2005);
translator and editor of volume 'Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Zizek But Were Afraid to Ask Lacan' (LRSL, 2005).

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Related Lab(s): Trans-European Lab: do not exist: europe, woman, digital medium. (2006/2007)

Related Publication(s): do not exist: europe, woman, digital medium