Angela Sanders

born 1974 in Zurich, is an ethnologist and video producer. Sanders studied at the universities of Zurich and Edinburgh and currently works on her Master of Art in Public Sphere in Luzern. She recently finished visual research within the context of the Doré project City_space_transitions, which focuses on the acquisition of urban space in Tokyo, Zurich and Berlin. Since October 06 she works as an assistant lecturer in the project "Kunst & Tourismus” (art and tourism) as well as the KTI project "Und plötzlich China!” ("And suddenly China!”) and will take part in a field work on Indian tourists in Engelberg in spring 2007. Besides her academic work, Sanders produces her own videos; "Europlex” and "Estrecho Complex” (in collaboration with Ursula Biemann), which examines border-crossing movements that constitute the area of the Spanish-Moroccan border. Her last documentary film "Domestic Scapes” (2004) gives an insight into the working conditions of Moroccan domestic servants in Seville, as well as the two enclaves Ceuta and Melilla. Her videos were presented internationally, for instance at the Femme Totale Video festival in Dortmund, in the Centre for Contemporary Culture, Barcelona, and at Urban Diaries in the ARC, Madrid.


Related Lab(s): Trans-European Lab: do not exist: europe, woman, digital medium. (2006/2007)

Related Publication(s): do not exist: europe, woman, digital medium