Angela Dorrer

Angela Dorrer was born in Canada.

She works as an artist and urban pilgrim specialized in performance design and research about our highly media typified present context.

She studied at Concordia University of Fine Arts in Montreal (Trevor Gould, Andrew Dutkewych, Barbara Layne) and the Academy of Fine Arts

in Munich (Res Ingold).

She earned several Academy prizes, a ‘Projektstipendium’ of the city of Munich, the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst / German Academic exchange service) Scholarship for Los Angeles and a stipendium Museumsquartier Vienna.

In 2000 she cofounded and co-curated the Program Angels at lothringer13 – an interdisciplinary team that operates a performance and exhibition space for the city of Munich (2000-2005).

Related Lab(s): Tischsitten (1998)