Was ist Verrat? (2010/2011)

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Was ist Verrat? / What is "Treason"?
(The German title "Was ist Verrat?" cannot be translated without loss. "Verrat" includes treason, treachery, perfidiousness betrayal, spilling secrets etc. Please read the English translation in reference to an all-encompassing word – like "Verrat".)

Treason must not fear revenge and must love great secrets, because to give away these will create supreme beauty and will require the highest degree of artfulness. But what if there are no more great secrets to betray as they all have been unveiled? A society shaped by such media of stored – clueless or cunning – treason apes governmental requirements to disclose, surveil and evaluate. This only leaves us to betray for betrayal´s sake as a final effort of criminal virtue! We have to choose insanity, the extreme violence of treason, the force of creation!

A capitalist order counts on people´s ebbing courage and sustains itself through the everyday, servile self-betrayal that has come to being perceived as a duty on par with the duty that "loyalty” becomes in any kind of dependency. Therefore – be daring! Risk breaking boundaries! Betray yourselves! Do not denounce the small mistakes, but betray your own betrayal! Hic rhodos, hic salta! Loveliness extreme.

Catalogue(s): Was ist Verrat?

Concept: Claudia Reiche, Andrea Sick

Contributors: Stefka Ammon, Arvild Baud, Mareike Bernien, Julia Bonn, Anna Bromley, Claudia Burbaum, Doro Carl, U. Oudée Dünkelsbühler, Christine Ehardt, Torsten Flüh, Eugenia Gortchakova †, Shirin Homann-Saadat, Dagmar Kase, Malgorzata Zofia Kozlowska, Jule Körperich, Christine Kriegerowski, Verena Kuni, Anja Kümmel, Janine Lancker , Elisabeth Lebovici, Susanne Lummerding, Anne Metzen, Iris Minich, Ellen Nonnenmacher, Helene von Oldenburg, Valeska Peschke, Claudia Reiche, Mona Schieren, Kerstin Schroedinger, Antje Seeger, Andrea Sick, Sissy Boyz, Heike Walter, Gabriele Werner, Renate Wieser, Xyramat, Z.Schmidt

Exhibition: 4.-20. February 2011 Location: Vor dem Steintor 136 - 28203 Bremen
Symposium: 11.-13. Februar 2011 Location: Plantage 13 - 28215 Bremen

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