Vivian Hernández Ramírez & Víctor Artiga Rodríguez

Vivian Hernández Ramírez

New Media Artist
Currently studying and working in the Digital Media Master programm at the University of Arts in Bremen.

I´m a digital media artist who traverses questions that intertwine the non-human with decolonial concerns and yet understands that scientific research questions are key to establishing change and movement in ontological perception.
I developed an interest on hydraulic bodies due to my current experience of living in a city that was once called a port and continues to be bifurcated by water (Bremen), and from my indelible memory of belonging to the other side of the Atlantic (Colombia). Reasons why I feel very motivated, moved and bifurcated by the changes that water undergoes and with it the relationship with its territory and communities.

Víctor Artiga Rodríguez

Victor Artiga Rodriguez (*1987 El Salvador) is an interdisciplinary artist exploring the convergence of poetry, the body and digital technologies. Through multimedia installations and performance, he explores new forms of narration that touch upon themes of decolonization, climate crisis and nostalgia. Often intertwining electronics with organic materials like clay/ceramics, his installation invites the bodies of performers and viewers to a communal critical reflection on our condition as a techno-consumer society.

He currently lives and works in Bremen, Germany. His works have been exhibited in El Salvador, Costa Rica, France, United States, Cuba, and Germany. He is also interested in continually engaging in artistic collaborations. In 2019 together with Icaro Lopez de Mesa and Pablo Somonte Ruano, they formed Tremendo Parche Latino, an artist collective challenging notion of exotisation for Latinamerican artists in Germany. Later, morphing into Tremenda Corporea, in collaboration with Rahel Jüngling and Carla Anacker, an interdisciplinary collective with interests in body practices, digital technologies and fabric arts.

From February 2020 until April 2022, together with Aria Farajnezhad, they curated the project space of Circa 106 (Center for International Research and Collaborative Art) in Bremen. An artist-run initiative which hosts lectures, exhibitions and residencies exploring the possibilities of collaboration in artistic practices. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Binational Artistic Research Program from the HfK Bremen, in collaboration with The University of Groningen in the Netherlands.



Exploration under a feminist perspective.
Cuando el Río suena, piedras lleva.

We want to invite a process of collective creation in community to explore the possibilities of water as a material, which connects in a fluid way different bodies. We will invite an open creation process where we will develop a sound installation that uses clay, body and water as experimental materials.

We will take the metaphor of rain as a creative guide, who will accompany us during the process. We feel and understand the rain as a community, a drop does not change much, but a downpour can wet everything.

Friday 06.10.23 - 7 pm

Collective Listening

We invite you to join us in an exercise of collective listening on the 06.10 at 19h, where we will experience the work realized during the time of the residency<br>Through a process of collective creation, we will explore the possibilities of water as a material that connects in a fluid way different bodies. It will take place in a room installation that uses clay, body and water as an experimental embodied methodology. This project seeks to welcome participants to engage with the space too.

Looking forward to share water stories with you!

Arbeitszimmer thealit
St. Jürgen Str. 157/159, Bremen


Saturday 07.10.
from 12 to 6 pm

Open doors

Sonic Cartography

Don't miss the opportunity to visit and experience the Sonic Cartography by Vivian Hernández Ramírez and Víctor Artiga Rodríguez today (last day!)

at Arbeitszimmer thealit
St. Jürgen Str. 157/159, Bremen

Other work by Vivian Hernández Ramírez

Other work by Víctor Artiga Rodríguez