Karolina Koßmann

Born 1998 in Berlin, 2016-2020 history studies University of Leipzig, 2020-2023 studies fine arts HfK Bremen in the classes of Katrin v. Maltzahn and Prof. Stephan Baumkötter, since October 2023 painting studies HGB Leipzig with Anne Speier.

DOOM - Down the Rabbit Hole

During the residency at thealit I deal with doomscrolling. I am mainly concerned with the oscillation between shallow distraction, personal banalities and insecurities and the mood of doom that arises on the basis of news streams and never-ending threatening developments.

My works do not provide answers to crises, but they react to that stream, which requires constantly reassessing one's relationship to oneself and one's (surrounding) world.My works are situated between defiance and panic, failure and despair. In the residency I would like to expand and deepen these works.

November, 9th from 6 pm

Exhibition evening

On November, 9th there will be an exhibition evening at the with the option of having make-up applied to express one's own strangeness, for example as a butterfly, a tiger or a character from horror films.

At Arbeitszimmer thealit
St.-Jürgen-Str. 157/159

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