Guida Ribeiro

Guida Ribeiro's journey began in Portugal, where she completed her bachelor's in Multimedia Communication in Porto before moving to Germany for a master's in Digital Media at Hochschule für Kunst Bremen. After graduating in 2021, she had the opportunity to be a guest lecturer, where she developed the courses Posthuman Companion and Algorithmic Debris.

Her artistic practice is motivated by a trite self-endeavour to find purpose in an apparent void, drawing inspiration from anti-work politics, posthuman perspectives and occult motifs. Additionally, she is an accomplished web developer with a particular interest in collaborating on projects and with designers who challenge the current norms of web design. Over the last years, she has been a core member of Kultur im Bunker e.V., a nonprofit cultural space dedicated to showcasing emerging musicians and artists.



Sonic machines Workshop
Workshop Dates: 11.1, 12.1, 13.1
11 am - 17 pm

Please register with your name and selected date (you can attend one or more days) at:
No prior knowledge of anything is required.
Free registartion.

Resilience Machine Orchestra Activation/Showcase
Sunday 14.01.2024

Oscillating between technological utopianism and pessimism and drawing inspiration from magic realism, we will envision and prototype sonic resilience machines. Instead of striving for grandiose inventions that can simultaneously save or end the world, we will embrace the idea that these machines are devices capable of emanating, producing, and communicating the necessary resilience for surviving, existing, resisting, and flourishing amid the intricate struggles of our intra and inter-emergencies.These machines will generate essential forces, substances, enzymes, lasers, rays,… essential in providing the means to navigate the chaotic and uncertain present where we oscillate between feelings of vibrant hope and lethargic despair.

The workshop itself should be an emanator of such resilience. It is an intimate playground, where warm drinks and food set the stage for imagination and the assembly of these impossible machines. Components, assistance, and tools for the audio oscillators circuitry will be provided, along with materials for prototyping. Please bring tools such as scissors, knives, glue, and any specific materials you'd like to work with. Join us for one or as many days as you wish.