Anja Fußbach & Susanne Katharina Willand

Anja Fußbach

Anja Fußbach's art comes from content. It is full of borrowings from the pop-cultural, tragic-comic world of everyday life. Who:which gets involved in it discovers fantastic pictorial inventions.

"Fußbach's tradition is that of "Bop-bopa-a-lu a whop bam boo" which from the perspective of high culture is a primal scream, but in the cultural practice of the Western world is obviously the unsurpassable, dense description of the greatest possible positive excitement. The contrast is important: from the perspective of high culture, Fußbach produces trash; from a very different perspective, truth." (Arie Hartog)

Susanne Katharina Willand

Susanne Katharina Willand is an artist living in Bremen. She works with embroidery, textiles and drawing. Fabric serves her as material, technique, metaphor, idea or medium.


During their two-week residency at the Thealit studio, the two artists will create a large rug using a tufting machine.
Both will work on one side of the carpet at a time, which means they will work together as well as against each other. 

On the theme of "The Art of emergency", the resulting carpet tells of possibilities on a world-saving level, but also on a world-destroying level. One thwarts the idea of the other, unconsciously, unplanned, the tufting gun runs over the fabric and interferes with the image of the other.