Dorsa Eidizadeh

Other work (selection)

Fair, Not Fair, Art Fear, No Fear
March 2022

(co-organized a two-days art fair supporting local artists and artstudents)

From the A project space
Sept. 2021 - Sept. 2022

(one year artist run project space)

Together with the From the A initiator group we have built amedia room showing diverse works from Bremen based artists. Also there was the possibility to sell works for the communitywhose jobs have been affected by the pandemic.

We have noticed that this could be vital to provide a space, in which students and local artists could have a space to sharetheir works and possibly also benefit financially. An art fairwhich is pretty much against its convention, not directedtowards the profit of the few but actually designed by theartists for the artists.

From the A is made of 5 international female artists currently residing in Bremen. From the A collective found its first site at Osstertorsteinweg 40-41. We hope to occupy and to stretch our artistic practices troughout the building for the project time, while connecting with other artistic entities and individuals in Bremen, Germany

Fair, Not Fair, Art Fear, No Fear, Aufladen, Bremen, Germany, 2022

Bound through Sound, Open Space Domshof, Bremen, Germany, 2021
From the A project space, Bremen, Germany, 2021-2022

June/July/Sep 2021

(talk and experimental music)

I was invited by Radio Angrezi collective to co-organize three vevents including talks, experimental sound and music. From the musical garb of some guest workers and their connection to hip-hop, to a few special songs from the Pakistani music industry, to the final good mood set to groove together into the evening: there's nothing left for the audience to do but grab a cool drink and enjoy an evening full of musical impressions with Radio Angrezi.

Reconfiguration of thoughts as a communal act

Publications, Collaborative work with circa 106, Bremen, August 2020

Reconfiguration of thoughts as a communal act was an open call inviting artists to participate in two weeks text-based care-work exercise initiated by Circa 106.

Five artists from different backgrounds started a care cycle towards each other’s texts, in a time in which any form of social interactions seemed impossible or carried some certain level of risks, a feeling of social care happened to be even more important. Each participant initiates and practices a certain way of care by writing and carefully responding to eachother. Additionally, the visitor is also invited to respond to the text through the caring space, designed on the website.


White chalk on the black painted column, 1.50m x 50cm
Hfk Bremen, Feb 2020

Paraphrase is a contribution to a class project which has been centered around the theme of self-portrait. It is a chalk text written on a black painted column located in the exhibition space, lit from the bottom. Paraphrase is not only a response to the subject of the exhibition (self-portrait) but more fundamentally questioning the way in which one's practice is determined as artistic or even more bluntly what is the condition, in which a state of being is called productive. The text is formed with a quote from W.H. Auden, an artiststatement, and finished with the speech of Josef Brodsky-it is called praise of boredom.

Paraphrase, White chalk on the black painted column, Installation view, HFK, Bremen, Germany, 2020


Sculpture, multidimensional, Kunstakademie, Karlsruhe, Germany
November 2019

The Kunstakademie with its many significant architectural elements, inter alia the elevated ceiling of the academy provides an affective environment and setting the visitor to gaze upon its interior in a directed way. Eye-level is a site-specific installation that allows the audience to reposition herself by coming to interacting with a staircase which was placed in the center of Karlsruhe Kunstakademie exhibition area.The parasitic role which the staircase plays in the space helps the bodies to perform in the space otherwise.


Room installation / intervention, in collaboration with Aria Farajnezhad, Vafa Aminkia
Theaterpassage, Osnabrück, Germany, April 2018

Installation view, Theaterpassage, Osnabrück, Germany, 2018

After two days offering the public an station for studio promotion and faking the advertising stand for visitors to takered-carpet-portraits, the wall got removed and transformed to the Kunsthalle where the main exhibition was happening.

The object enters the museum space without triggering any suspicion. The people in charge for the security not only allow the wall to pass but also being convinced that the wall is invisible or friendly enough to be shown in the yard in proximity to where the conferences are holding. The museum space is welcome to the object and performers, yet the last challenge apparently is locating it in the center.

The residue of the installation stays for the other two days, and the documentation of the displacement is showing in a small monitor next to it.