Millefiore Effect

Was formed in the year 2000 by Ralph Borland, Jessica Findley and Margot Jacobs. They met as graduate students in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University.

Ralf Borland is from south Africa and zimbabwe. He studied English and Sculpture at the University of Cape Town, and completed his Masters degree at new York University´s Interactive Telecommunications Program. He cyrrently lives in Cape Town, South Africa as an artist, activist and teacher.

Jessica Findley was born in Nebraska, USA. She has a BA from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, where her studies focused on Film, Video and Animation. She completed her MA in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. Jessica lives in New York where she works as an illustrator, and as an artist on

Margot Jacobs is from Florida, USA. She received a BS for Indastrial Design from the Galloway School of Architecture in the Georgia Institute of Technology, and an MA from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.She was awarded a one-year fellowship from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Italy from 2001 – 2002, and currently does research with the PLAY group at the Interactive Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden.


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