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Reiche, Claudia / Kuni, Verena Eds. (2004):
Cyberfeminism. Next Protocols
New York (autonomedia)
ISBN: 1-57027-149-6

15,3 x 22,8 cm, 336 pages, black & white,
Price: USD 15.95

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In the beginning Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols was a call posted on mailing lists by the old boys network, the first international cyberfeminist alliance. Now Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols is a book that presents an introduction as well as an outlook for the large network of contemporary cyberfeminism. Protocols are both scientific records of observations and coded commands for digital and human procedures of communication. Next protocols reaches boldly into the utopian gap between the now and ist possible futures. If gender is not obsolete, there is a stake in reformulating it under conditions ruled by the dominance of the digital medium and test ist capacities to subvert cultural practices. cyberfeminism carries the fem in its center – fem which hints politically at gender and the female sex, yet exceeds, enjoys, and remodels this relation. With approaches coming from art, theory and activism, cyberfeminism. next protocols invents and documents a cyberfeminism which is dedicated to the wilderness of precisecritique and experimental thinking


Cyberfeminism.Lab 2001 – publication series (volume 1-3)

von Oldenburg, Helene / Altstatt, Rosanne, Eds. (2002):
cyberfem spirit - spirit of data
Oldenburg, Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst, (Volume 1)

15 x 17 cm , 62 pages, color
Price: 11 Euro , + shipping

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Reiche, Claudia / Sick, Andrea, Eds. (2002):
technics of cyber<>feminism <mode=message>
Bremen, thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor, (Volume 2) ISBN 3-930924-03-X

16 x 21 cm, 228 pages, b &w
Price: 15 Euro , + shipping

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von Oldenburg, Helene / Reiche, Claudia, Eds. (2002):
very cyberfeminist international,
obn conference, hamburg, december 13–16, 2001

Berlin, b_books, (Volume 3) ISBN 3-933557-34-8

21 x 29,5cm, 132 pages, b &w, includes Audio-CD
Price: 12 Euro, + shipping

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